YouTube to bring out separate app for content creators

YouTube is showing its content creators some love by adding a new way to make money and manage their accounts on the go, the video-sharing network announced Friday.

The Google-owned company said it will roll out a bunch of new features “in the coming months,” including a separate app for managing channels, a way for fans to pay creators directly, and crowd sourced captioning.

Matt Glotzbach, the site’s director of creator product management, said the new features were a result of a survey YouTube conducts twice a year to gather feedback from its online stars.

“Your biggest request? You want to hear about the new stuff we’re working on ahead of time, so you can tell us if we’re heading in the right direction,” he wrote in a blog post. “Well, your wish is our command.”

The post included a video outlining all the features that are in the pipeline at YouTube. Glotzbach said the site is making these videos a regular occurrence.

The new funding mechanism, which lets users pay their favorite YouTube stars directly, will allow creators to depend less on advertising revenue. The crowdsourced captions and subtitles promise to harness the power of more than 60 languages.

YouTube also highlighted a few recently added features including the ability to share revenue with musicians, improved comment management tools, and expansion of its Creator Academy, which offers advice on creating and managing content.

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A Porn App That Trends

exite mobile app website (EM)First let me be clear, I never force anyone into making a decision. However to my experience I have seen that they carry almost every hardcore porn app there is known to man. I mean look, aren’t you looking for something with HD quality, Fast streaming and download times with lots of options to choose from? Aren’t you looking for something that would also close extremely fast just in case someone unexpected walked into the room?

Well instead of giving you just a bunch of lists and links to apps, you have the chance to experience only the best.

This porn app has been tested and handpicked for you. So all your job is to do is to download and enjoy.

Sounds pretty good huh? There’s more to it..

Paid And Free Apps

Some of these apps give you a chance to start a trial for maybe 24 hours, and if you don’t like it, you can simply delete it. It’s not like some porn apps where they ask for $40 before you can even preview, how ridiculous! Some of these apps are free to download, however the previewing maybe extremely limited, unless you spend that $1.00

Look I tell you, most of the results you will see in the major search engines will not give you what you are looking for, and that is the flat out truth. This is where it all happens. They have the speed, they have the quality, they have what people are looking for. There is nothing better than porn on your android phone.That is why I am a true supporter to it, they just give users what they dang want, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, do you?

Some of what you get with the android app

High quality videos

Turbo Fast Download Times

Speed and Fast Streaming

Massive amount of categories

Trials so you can test and choose

Honest and sincere support

Compatible With All Devices

Opportunities to attend adult events/meet porn stars

Well there you have it. I rest my case. Shall I say anymore? You are a decision away from enjoying full blown sex videos right onto your iPad, iPhone, Android device or any other Tablet or Smartphone out there.


We have seen many come and go, and finally there is a true app pioneer. Now stop scratching yourself and help yourself out. Go download an app and get over it. From today I don’t want to hear you complain that you were never told where to get high quality porn apps from. click here and Visit the website.

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Advanced System Care

Lots of Tools: IOBit’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to Advanced SystemCare means you’re bound to find something useful for your machine in its massive library of tools, tweakers, and cleaners.

One-Click Fix: Despite its daunting list of options, users shouldn’t have trouble finding some kind of fix-all option. When in doubt, most users will probably opt for just that.


Lackluster Redesign: Claims of a Metro-friendly redesign amount to nothing more than color changes, font tweaks to a thinner sans-serif type, and icon packs. Many tools are shortcuts to separate applications that are visually inconsistent and offer questionable value over default tools.

Tedious Uninstallation: Advanced SystemCare’s setup is like a collection of shortcuts to other downloads. SystemCare’s toolbox behaves more like a glorified stub installer for IOBit’s other products than a true all-in-one program. Even after uninstalling SystemCare, you’re forced to uninstall each individual app separately.

Final Verdict:

At first glance, Advanced SystemCare has everything you would think you’d ever need to keep a PC in tip-top shape: uninstallers, driver updaters, and so on. However, not all are better alternatives than their stock counterparts. For example, the Windows 8 Process Explorer is a much more usable solution.

Advanced SystemCare’s user experience is a mixed bag. We didn’t have any trouble opting for a one-click-fix solution for many of our computer “issues,” but we took that option because of information overload.

If you have absolutely no security or tweaking tools, then it might be worth taking a look at Advanced SystemCare. The uninstallation process is tedious and inefficient, because the product treats each feature as a separate app. For defrag tools, malware protection, and even process explorers, we recommend downloading separate alternatives that offer a more focused but higher-quality approach to their respective tasks.

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